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Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

Think Positively – Why tap on the negative? What About LOA?

Why do we tap on what we don’t want in our lives anymore? Won’t this just manifest more bad things and feelings in our lives? What about the Law of Attraction? How do we think positively?

These questions are vitally important to understand. For years I struggled with the concepts of the law of attraction. Having read Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain and Abraham-Hicks, I tried to use affirmations but, frustratingly, they never seemed to work for me. I now understand that this is because every time I thought about, for example, the new relationship I wanted to attract into my life, my subconscious voices chimed in and reminded me of the series of difficult and co-dependent relationships I had experienced up to this point. I was not an energetic match for that which I desired.  Energetically I was focused on what had been, or what was at that particular moment in time, and how awful it had all too often been and how hard to get out of it and how much of a failure I felt, and how unworthy I secretly suspected I was…..If I wasn’t going there I was remembering the good ones that got away! In my mind and heart, I felt rejected.

Those little voices in my head kept reminding me of the realities of what is or what had been, and so kept getting in my way of attracting what I would like. Big time.  Having done a lot of EFT, by myself and with others, on many of the aspects and memories of my previous relationships and on my feelings about those relationships, I am delighted to report that I have shared our fourth anniversary and am in the best relationship of my life with a man who is willing to do his own work, who is kind, and generous and fun and funny and who loves to dance. (For years I had been wanting a partner who dances but I kept feeling frustrated and angry and discouraged because of  a previous partner who hated to dance and who hated the attention I got when I danced!)

Use EFT To Think Positively

If, like me, you find yourself wanting something you don’t currently have, then I suggest that your subconscious mind, or your “Dark Shadow or Dark Side” as some would call it, is likely doing as mine did and coming up with all sorts of reasons why you don’t deserve this, or why it feels impossible, and so you will continue to attract that which you don’t want. If however, you use EFT to release the energetic hold that these limiting beliefs and painful emotions and difficult memories have on you by tapping on them, you will then be able to resonate with that which you desire. And this is what tapping does, and does so well. After you have released these energetic blockages, this unconscious self sabotaging, THEN, you can engage the Choices method of tapping, and tap in what it is you DO WANT into your life. Until you release the negative charge that the problematic circumstances of your previous life have caused in your emotional mind body you will have an uphill battle trying to manifest good into your life. The good news is that positive change is possible!

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