Free from the Past at Last, with the EFT Tapping Detective.

Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional


My preference is to work with people who are ready to make a commitment to themselves,  to declare themselves ready to release the lingering emotional and physical effects left by the unresolved pains from our pasts.

As all the people who have written and videoed “success stories” attest, it IS possible to relieve the effects of how what hurt us in the past has had on our lives, up until now!

If you are ready to be in the Now, to risk believing that healing is possible, AND release the past then a series of appointment, scheduled as close together as is possible, is encouraged. The more frequent, the more exponential the results, giving you less time to slip back into habitual mindsets between sessions. The content of each session builds on the others, creating a cumulative effect/result. Usually clients begin to feel substantially more peaceful, relaxed and lighter, beginning with first session.

During our introductory session I ask Recipients  to give me a wish list of painful events from their past they would rather have done without. This are the stories from our pasts that continue to affect life in the present day because of the limiting beliefs and habits of negative behaviours learned at the time of the original incidents.

EFT and other energy medicine and energy psychology techniques often find that focusing attention on the past releases the feelings/limiting beliefs that have persisted on to the present.

One of the many interesting things about EFT is that it is not always necessary to actually tap on a certain memory, for it to release that memory, and the present day trigger too. Sometimes,  working on a particular past wounds, not only releases the intensity of feelings about it,  but also the sting from similar circumstances from the past AND the present. Healing the past from our past allows us to live in the present unburdened by what happened before.

Positive Emotional Change is Possible!


Regular Recipients receive the following bonuses:

  • Tapping Scripts,
  • Tapping Solution x 2: Movie and Book
  • Unlimited email contact with and from me within 24 hours maximum
  • Mini sessions to get the intensity down, if time is available.
    – Usually 10 or 15 minutes will be sufficient to notice considerable relief.

If you are local, you have access to my substantial self help library (if not and you want to pay return postage, that is also a possibility).
While resolving an issue can take us down many roads , or “aspects” in EFT lingo, often they will lead us to one core experiences. One of the interesting effects of EFT is that by working on original experiences we can unravel others from a later time, and heal events that initially seem unconnected.



5 Session Package: $450

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A 10 session package is also available for $850.

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