More Testimonials

Jeff Baker – Cumberland, BC

I’ve been working with Alice for a few months with terrific results. Each session has led to a breakthrough of some sorts resulting in more energy, less background mental stress, and more freedom in my life and all my relationships. I’m very impressed with the lasting results that have come from doing EFT. Everything is just easier now. Alice is an excellent EFT coach. I highly recommend her.

Sue McDonald – Campbell River, BC

I wish I could give everyone the gift of Alice. It’s how I often feel after sessions with you! I’m so glad Jill recommended me to you.

Evelyn Wolff, MD,
Certified GP Psychotherapist, Stained Glass Artist – Belleville, ON

What a huge gift! After several years of overwhelming stress, precipitating career burnout, a relationship breakup, and near blindness while I awaited surgery, I felt ground down to the lowest spot I had been. Having used EFT as a practitioner myself I knew the power of this modality, but had not found an EFT practitioner who I could relax with and trust to go deep. Alice came offering a mini EFT intensive in my home. 

Three sessions with her turned me around, and the work has continued on Skype, dealing with preverbal trauma that years of cognitive and even body therapy had never healed.
Since the EFT I have opened up to my feelings and body again, joyfully reconnecting with my creativity. My normally high energy has returned. The tension I had been holding in my lower rib cage and gut, since abandonment and consequent trauma as a babe, released dramatically during a session. I”m more comfortable now with my vulnerability, my capacity for relationship has deepened. I sleep better than I have in years. What a huge gift!

With her kind heart, clear physic field and high skill level, Alice works deftly and creatively to get through blocks. She is not cowed by intensity because she has done her own work I highly recommend her work to assist in clearing old or recent trauma, and negative patterns beliefs that obstruct happiness.

Jean – UK

I called Alice late one evening quite by chance after having a session with another practitioner that had re-traumatized me. I had not known that this was a possibility and Alice was very quickly and dexterously able to calm me and restore my hope. She helped me move the tiger from the room and listen once more to reason. Through targeted tapping I watched the fear release and began to see other perspectives. My nervous system relaxed and my thinking brain started to work again. Within an hour I was able to have a deep restful sleep through the night and wake up restored and able to go back out into the world the next day after more than a week in shock. If this is possible after a few snatched minutes of conversation I have no doubt she is capable of great things with her regular clients.

Kathy McAlpine

Alice is a compassionate lady who knows her stuff. She nailed the problem almost immediately, and guided me through some tough times.. I highly recommend Alice for any issues you may be having so you can get on with your life.

Nan Thumsy – Black Creek, BC

Alice provided me with some wonderful tools and insights each and every time I went to see her, I felt heard and I knew I was on my path to healing even after my first visit with her. I feel blessed she came into my life when she did after my divorce. Thank you Alice!

Eric Bentley – Campbell River, BC

Had a great EFT session with Alice today. My motive was to experiment with more tools of spiritual health, and I got more than expected. An insightful guided session into childhood issues, producing immediate noticeable results. Left with some homework to do for more lasting results. thx Alice.

Emma Holmes – Vancouver, BC

Feeling like the work we did together cleared so much. I’m enjoying a very full peak time. So much good stuff in my life.

Hope you’re doing great and doing lots of your good, healing work.

Big hugs and blessings,


Cheryl Simon-Everts – Courtenay, BC

Wow life has sure taken a shift to the greater good! I’m so grateful for having the experience of EFT (emotional freedom techniques for those who would like to know)! Alice Grange you have made light in my tunnel it has opened doors that needed to be opened! For this I’m truly blessed my spiritual plate is lifted keeping me in tune with my self, being more aware, tapping in when needed, being open allowing the love to flow freely can’t say enough about this technique please honor yourself your so worth it! Live life more abundantly love yourself so you can love others thanks again to Alice for making my world a better place?

Lorne Fugle – Courtenay, BC

I would just like to say thank you once again to Alice Grange for helping me to see clearly through my problems and showing me that we all have options and that there is always hope. This woman is amazing. I can’t explain what she did or how she did it but the results speak for themselves. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I can breathe again. Thank you Alice you are an extraordinary soul.

Paul Geoghegan – Campbell River, BC

I have attended some of Alice’s EFT workshops as well as working with her one on one. I have found the EFT techniques to be quite amazing in terms of expressing and releasing old emotions and beliefs. Alice is also a tremendously compassionate and intuitive coach that would never fail to surprise with the places we would go. She would pick a thread out of my input and tap with it and it would open up all kinds of surprising insights and emotions that I would not have expected in the session. I have great respect for Alice and the work she does. I recommend Alice highly as a skillful and caring practitioner.

Catherine Turgeon – New Hampshire, USA

Dear Alice: Thank you, again for such a wonderful, enlightening EFT session. Although I have worked on this aspect of an issue in the past, I had not been able to clear it until today. I truly feel freed of my childhood memory’s control over my present choices after our work. Your knowledge of EFT, your choice of techniques and your gentle guidance created the opportunity for me to completely release its hold on me. I feel lighter and happier thanks to you! Blessings to you and the work you do; thank you for sharing your gift with others.

Celeste Gendron Walmsley – Qualicum Beach, BC

Well I made it and it was a breeze!!! I’m proud of myself, I’m thankful for EFT, Alice Grange… who supported me in my time of extreme fear of flying. I actually smiled when we took off from San Francisco. I loved looking at the country from above and was happy to land because I was proud and excited to see my man!…I’m excited to fly again! SOON!…Worth every penny I spent on her therapy.

Marina Katarina Grgi – Croatia

Just finished a session with you Alice. I started angry and nervous and other stuff that I am not going to mention here. And now my breathing is deeper, I feel grounded and have a big smile on my face. Thank you Alice for being so intuitive, for hearing stuff I didn’t even say and for guiding me to this peaceful moment. We share a sense of humor that brings light to the sessions. When working with you I feel received, supported and firmly guided. Great session, thank you.

Annette Nielsen – Denmark 

Doing sessions with Alice, she always makes it clear what my triggers are and what to do with them in a safe way. Even though my issue of low self esteem is huge and goes back several generations on my mother’s side. Alice managed to get me to the point where I see what triggers it, and even more important that I don’t have to hold on to this self destructive pattern of mine any more. Alice is very empathetic and has a great sense of humor, so thank you for your great support. I’m so grateful.

Jack Miller – Courtenay, BC

I am doing fantastically thank you. Thank you again for the session as it seems to have been the last block to pure freedom, love and innocence in any way. Congratulations and kudos to you for helping others so wonderfully.

Dawn Stein

Alice really gets to the heart of the issue. For those of you struggling with emotional trauma, that are having difficulty processing on your own, she does an amazing job. Alice, with her experience and expertise, is excellent at recognizing the underlying root of the issue, and bringing it out. She is very competent at delving deeper when there is more to explore about a particular topic. Additionally, Alice is very caring and compassionate, and incredibly patient and understanding. I would highly recommend Alice to anyone who is ready to really start processing both the surface and the deeper issues that are interfering in their life.

Sohlea Rico – Courtenay, BC

Alice is a highly skilled practitioner of EFT. She has an uncanny ability to nail the statement and feelings that helped me to release stuck feelings. Sessions with Alice helped me to move through some relationship issues that were holding me back from connecting fully. I experience Alice as clear, compassionate and present in all sessions.

Wendy Norton – Courtenay, BC

Alice: I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful work. I’d worked with my crying sprees before and related them to my birth and a trauma from when I was one year old – our work was much deeper and healing and due to your pure presence. You are so great at what you do. I also appreciate your life changing lending library. Thank you lots for working with me and giving me hope.

Rosemary Brocco – New York, USA

I have felt better since the session than I have in a month, since having the memories. I feel very good about what is to come. I am determined to heal and I believe this is a key tool in that, not just in and of itself but specifically with Alice… I just finished my second session and it was nothing short of amazing. I feel better than I have in YEARS. I am not exaggerating when I say we just did the equivalent of 20 years of therapy in 2 sessions and even that doesn’t say it because this is WAY better than therapy could ever dream of being. I actually just thought… Oo this is going to be a GREAT Christmas. That is amazing considering I have been in pretty much a straight panic attack for 4 weeks. Just a side note: she is not paying me to say this and I would never ever tell you that I was getting results I wasn’t. I know how painful it is to get your hopes up for healing and feeling better only to be let down. This work is truly incredible and I am sharing my experience here 1) because I want to “share the wealth” and 2) because I want to show my gratitude to Alice.

Dede Moore – California, USA

Thanks so so much for our session today Alice! As an EFT Practitioner myself, even I was amazed at how quickly my 2 decade old fears were released. I truly know that old anxious habits were broken today and replaced with helpful thoughts that nourish my authentic self. You are a gift to our profession and to me as a friend, thank you!

Ellen Lazare – Surrey, BC

I have had to deal with the pain of what is called, “the worse loss”, the loss of my son. Alice gave me some tools to help me deal with this and I left her home feeling alot better than when I arrived.Thank you Alice!