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Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

An EFT Dog Success Story

Our emotional health can affect our dogs’ physical health 

During a 5 year toxic relationship, (both of us had unresolved mother issues that we took out on each other), my AiredaleLab friend Pax got terminal cancer. 

I remember the two sibling felines, Lucie and Blue that we also adopted. Initially, they were great friends, however, living with the ‘Bickersons’, resulted in similar behaviour between the feline sisters. They became so antagonistic that they couldn’t be in the house at the same time. 

Eventually Blue went walkabout, never to be seen again.

Post that unhappy relationship I became involved with an obsessive, addicted stalker. Perhaps as a result, my next dog Jeeves, a beautiful white shepherd, got such aggressive cancer that the tumour visibly grew overnight and he was dead before his first birthday.

Meanwhile, Ti Loup, a northern mixed breed, developed an autoimmune disorder and was dead by age 5. Then Skaha, a Lab/Shepherd/Newfie had dreadful allergies. 

I feared I had horrible Karma. I now understand that I was wounded and my pets took on some of my ongoing stress to the detriment of their health. 

Since learning about EFT Tapping I have tapped for not only myself and with my clients but also for my pets, and the pets of friends and clients.


By her 13th birthday we thought we were losing our beloved Golden Retriever, Dharma! Disc issues, parasites, pancreatitis, a thyroid issue, high bacteria counts, and a lump were all diagnosed. It just seemed to get worse and worse. She lost her appetite, her energy, 5.5 kilos and seemingly her will to live. We fed her, (gently with a syringe), we encouraged her, we went back and forth to the vet and we tapped.

We tapped on her symptoms, we tapped on what we thought she might have been feeling and we tapped on our own grief and concern. Several times she rallied only to again make us wonder if it was time to do the ultimate kindness. We didn’t know what else to do except keep on keeping on, attempting to entice her with homemade soups and tasty treats – while continuing to tap.

While she never regained her puppyhood, and at age 13 her days were numbered, I am happy to report that she began eating voluntarily, gained some weight and strength back AND eagerly went swimming daily at the pool of our Golden loving neighbours. Her eyes lost their vacant look, she engaged with us, rolling in the grass, chasing her ball and wagging her tail again. She lived to be 14.5, which is a very healthy age for a dog that started off her life with severe intestinal issues. When it was finally her time to go, she stopped eating and lay down in her favourite spot, where we spent her last day telling her how much we loved her until our vet/friend arrived to send her peacefully on her way.

The Digging Doberman

A friend had broken her foot and so her already highly strung Doby, Tia, wasn’t getting her usual exercise. When we arrived for a visit the dog had dug a 6 inch trench around a tree, caused by circling around and around the tree, while barking incessantly. As it was driving me crazy I asked permission to tap for Tia.. A few minutes later the dog stopped pacing, stopped barking and came to lie down peacefully beside her human. What a relief for us all!

We underestimate how sensitive pets are.

If your dog or cat, horse or bunny is acting up, you may want to do some tapping on whatever is bothering you, either in the present or lingering from the past. If they are sick, consider doing some surrogate tapping on their symptoms, as well as how you are feeling about their illness. After I discovered tapping and began letting go of past traumas, my last cat Jaki, lived to 18.

The Irritating Itch!

At my invitation, a new client brought her elderly, exceedingly itchy dog in when she came to a tapping session in my office. 

After learning about many of the traumatic events in her life I asked the woman if she would like to work on the recent illness and death of another beloved canine. She did and I asked if she would accept an antihistamine, (non-drowsy), for her boy dog. She agreed and we started to tap on her anger towards the vet, herself and her boy dog whose rough horseplay may have originated the problems of her now diseased dog.

ALMOST IMMEDIATELY (far faster than one would expect a dog to react to a drug), the dog lay down and relaxed. We continued to tap on grief and forgiveness for herself and for her dog.

I talked about my personal experiences with my dogs who were equally sensitive to their human’s emotional state. I have come to understand that they had taken on my then unprocessed emotions that I suspect contributed to their premature deaths.

At the end of the session she was feeling considerably less angry and sad and the dog was lying quietly by her side.

The next morning she sent me a message to let me know that her dog had ‘slept all night, still calm –amazing! For the first time in ages! No more pills.’ 

Help is available for you and your 4 legged friends!

If you would like to explore and release the possible health connections between your stressors and your critter’s health and happiness, I would be honoured to support you AND your pets.

And if you are interested in seeing what could happen for you and/or your pets, please contact me at to make a date.









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