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How to Improve Body Image with EFT Tapping & Appreciations

As someone who has suffered from body image issues, (and have been known to make disparaging comments about it), I have come to appreciate the power of regularly finding things to be grateful for about my own body.

In a recent session we combined words of appreciation, with EFT Tapping, with a woman who wanted help to work on finding peace with her body.

When I asked her about her feelings about her body image she spoke of being “annoyed and ungrateful”, and “pissed off” at her self, and told me that those feelings, (at an 8/10 in intensity), resided in her stomach, (where she has had ongoing issues), and her heart which felt achy and sometimes like an intense throbbing. She described herself as a “whiny little bitch” with a “shitty attitude”!

I suggested that while tapping on her emotions and physical sensations that we alternate with statements about something she could find to be grateful about regarding her bodycom

Things she is grateful for

So while tapping on the emotions, intense throbbing in her chest and the sickness in her stomach she found the following things to be grateful for.

  • Really Strong Bones
  • Good Mobility and get up and go to do lots of things
  • Really good heart and a strong cardiovascular system
  • Incredible sense of smell
  • Great Cholesterol numbers 
  • Good Energy levels
  • An ability to heal quickly
  • Nice Skin
body appreciation

Another round of gratitudes

At this point she was ‘feeling better” and the intensity of her emotions was down to a 2, so I suggested a round of gratitudes only and this is the next list she came up with.

  • Strong lungs and fantastic respiratory system
  • That she stretches every am and it feels so good and helps put her in touch with her body
  • Fun silver grey hair!
  • Amazing Orgasms!
  • That she overcame her fear of cold water and now enjoys cold plunges
  • Her body’s ability to digest food
  • No life threatening diseases or illnesses EVER.
  • No medications
  • Good teeth (in her 50’s)
  • Good eye sight
  • Her love of dancing and having fun

As she tapped I noticed that at least some of the things she was now grateful for were things that she had some semblance of control over, (like the stretching and overcoming the fear of cold water). 

When I checked in with her after that round she noticed that she was feeling quite grateful towards her body, no longer annoyed, her heart felt good and her stomach was soothed.

She has been tapping regularly on her own during the time we have been working together and has now decided to tap regularly on her new gratitude list, (which she recorded).  

She commented that, like most of us, that it is easy to focus on the negative but that doesn’t help us to fix it!

I too am now actively finding things to be grateful for with my own body and am tapping that gratitude in!  Many, if not most of us, could benefit from doing some EFT Tapping to improve our body image, our self confidence and our self esteem.

Perhaps you might consider doing the same? 

If you would like help to do so, please get in touch with me at

I would be happy to assist you.

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