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Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

EFT Coach Alice Grange

An EFT Coach is a fabulous resource for both simple and complex issues.

IF tapping on your own is not working for you it’s time to contact me. I am Alice Grange, The Tapping Detective. I would be honoured to  gently help you get to the bottom of your issues, while supporting you to get out of your own way and get the results and relief you crave. 

We all have an ever-vigilant inner subconscious, whose intention is to keep us safe. This subconscious can be firmly convinced that the issue we’re trying to shift is actually serving us in some way. That clever protector can distract us from getting close enough to shift the issue! It makes us too tired or too overwhelmed to tap, or unable to come up with tapping phrases that are specific enough to get results. 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”. Carl Jung

 You can know that you are on the right track when you are overcome with an urge to vacuum! You may have a basic fear of change, even positive change that needs to be addressed. It can be REALLY HARD to get to the bottom of your own resisitance by yourself!

Alice really gets to the heart of the issue. For those of you struggling with emotional trauma, that are having difficulty processing on your own, she does an amazing job. Alice, with her experience and expertise, is excellent at recognizing the underlying root of the issue, and bringing it out. She is very competent at delving deeper when there is more to explore about a particular topic. Additionally, Alice is very caring and compassionate, and incredibly patient and understanding. I would highly recommend Alice to anyone who is ready to really start processing both the surface and the deeper issues that are interfering in their life.” Dawn Stein

An EFT Coach teaches MORE than tapping points!

After a dozen years of studying EFT, I continue to add new tools and techniques to my tool kit including Matrix Reimprinting and all of it’s offshoots: working with Past Lives,  Births, Future Reimprinting and Intergenerational recurring issues.



An EFT coach guides you through emotional blocks.

One of the main reasons for using an experienced EFT coach is that they know how to gently lead you away from the surface problems you may be experiencing and on to the core emotional issues. Knowing what questions to ask and when, comes from a well rounded combination of training, experience and intuition. Miracles happen all the time with EFT but they are often not what you might expect!

“If you need help fixing your thinking, call Alice and she helps you tap old beliefs that don’t serve you AWAY!” Naomi TeWinkel

Why choose The Tapping Detective as your EFT Coach?

I know of many specific strategies to help you move beyond your own stuck places. I have studied with many EFT and Matrix Reimprinting teachers and am also trained in numerous other modalites. Incorporating Energy Psychology or Breathing exercises may be all it takes to move your mountain. 

Many people have had multiple difficult moments, and as a consequence can feel overwhelming emotions. I know both how to approach your issues safely, and how to gently bring a session to an end. Some things are best left for another day so as to allow the work we have done to be fully integrated!

I help clients see issues from a different perspective than the ones you have been used to. Allow me to hold out the vision for you  – of how worthy, resilient, talented and powerful you are, even when, initially, you can’t yet see, or feel it or are unable to manifest that for yourself

Transformational Tapping Packages and Retreats!

Many of my clients have said that they were glad that they purchased packages because it reinforced their commitment to themselves. They remarked that if they hadn’t purchased  a package, that their resistance to change would have kept them from experiencing profound relief and big AHA’s!

There are currently 5 and 10 session packages available as well as long weekend, week long or 10 day Transformative Tapping Retreats. If you wish to continue to work together after the completion of a package you can book single sessions on an as needed or wanted basis.  

It is possible to change the effect that past hurts have had on your life!

The content of each session builds on the previous ones, creating a cumulative effect/result that builds towards an empowering conclusion. You will be pleasantly surprised at how years of distress can be relieved very quickly. 

While resolving a particular issue can take you down many roads, often they will lead to the core experiences where limiting beliefs got instilled. Tapping on that earlier experience often unravels others from seemingly disconnected events and issues. (This is where the Detective work comes in!) You don’t have to tap on everything that ever happened to get the changes you desire. 

Although I provide guidance and expertise, all sessions are client lead. You will work on whatever you decide you want to work on. This may be a current day problem or something from your childhood. 

It may not be necessary to tap on a specific memory in order to not only release the power that it has had on you. Resolving specific memories often results in dimempowering other memories that may share some similar themes. 

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I help people learn how to set healthy boundaries, after a lifetime of difficult relationships, (usually starting with their mothers).  Clients quickly and safely let go of the limiting beliefs such as, ‘I’m no good’,  or ‘The World is a scary place’ or ‘I don’t deserve a healthy relationship’ etc. These perspectives were learned during childhood and continue to negatively effect them well into adulthood and, with EFT Tapping,  they don’t have to be a life sentence. 

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