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EFT Matrix Reimprinting For Claustrophobia

Cathy’s Claustrophobia – A Familial Issue

I have been working with a woman who had suffered from claustrophobia for most of her life.

Both Her Parents Were Claustrophobic

After working on some of her own memories of feeling trapped, (and significantly reducing the intensity of her feelings about those memories), I asked some questions to help find any other possible origins to her fears. 

She told me that BOTH of her parents were claustrophobic. While we did a little digging of what she knows about her parents she told me that her mother told her once that her mother’s own claustrophobia started when she went to boarding school, after her father’s death. I told my client that my own mother had also been sent to boarding school, in her case after her parent’s divorce and that I had done some work in the Matrix, (using an EFT Technique called Matrix Reimprinting), for my mother during that difficult, (and I believe very impactful time), in my own mother’s life.

Surrogate Work

With my client, Cathy’s, permission, we decided to do some surrogate work on her mother during those early days at the boarding school.

As soon as we started, Cathy had a very vivid image of the boarding school, with tall stained-glass windows, marble, wood and tiles. When we checked in with her young mother, she described feeling sad and lost, (and wearing black patent leather shoes with white frilly socks!) After tapping in the Matrix, the sadness lifted as Cathy, (who had introduced herself as a friend of her mother’s father) and her mother went outside to run around and get ‘fresh air on her face’. 

(Cathy’s claustrophobia is also associated with being hot as well as confined). 

After Cathy remarked that her mother had said, (in the Matrix), that she didn’t know anyone at the school, she remembered that her mother made a great friend at that school. So, we brought into the picture, that great friend. 

What happened in the Matrix

The two girls showed each other their ‘teddies’ and put them on their side-by-side beds, under an open window. Cathy reported that the best friends were excited about sleeping next to each other.  

After reimprinting the new ‘story’, Cathy said she was going to talk to her mother later that day and would ask her mother about her boarding school experiences and how she had been feeling there. 

A Phone Call With Her Mother

The next day I received this email: 

‘I just spoke to my mum on the phone. I asked her when did her dad die, if she got to say goodbye and when she went to boarding school. She said he died suddenly from a heart attack, she didn’t get to say goodbye and 2 days later she was sent to boarding school. 

She then said to me that nobody has ever asked her about that and that nobody really knows. She said she wanted to run away from boarding school (I believe I used those exact words yesterday in our session). 

She then said that something phenomenal happened today – she was walking with her couple of friends and they started talking about boarding school. One of her friends said she told her parents back then that she didn’t want to go. My mum said “and was that acceptable?” And her friend said it was. My mum proceeded on and said she was forced to go and none of them would have dreamed to speak up to their parents about how they actually felt about it.

 I said to my mum that it didn’t surprise me at all that that conversation came up today because I was tapping on it yesterday. 

Wow, Alice. Wow…. She wants me to tell her about it one on one when I’m home which I knew already in my heart.

Thank you’!

Matrix Reimprinting is a Phenomenal Tool

It still amazes and surprises me every time I get this sort of feedback. Matrix Reimprinting is indeed a phenomenal tool. The synchronicities keep on showing up!

I look forward to hearing in future sessions how this work impacts Cathy’s own life and claustrophobia. It has already had a pronounced difference.

What our parents experienced can often have profound effects on our own lives, whether or not we have actual knowledge of their experiences.

I now understand how and why my mother’s childhood radically effected her ability to parent. (She was also sent to a boarding school, in her case after her parent’s divorce.) EFT Tapping has helped me to come to that more compassionate knowing, of why she acted the ways that she did; as a result forgiveness has replaced the blame, anger and resentment that I felt previously. 

Perhaps The Buddhists Are Right?

As we heal ourselves, we heal those who came before us, and those who are to come after us.

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