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Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

EFT Tapping for Fear of Abundance

I regularly do an exchange via Skype with another EFT practitioner, whom I will call “Tara.” At the end of the year, Tara wanted to work on abundance issues and blocks in preparation for a fabulous new year.

After some initial conversation while tapping, touching on her financial ceiling and a feeling of “what’s so special about me?” we moved to a fear she had about her ability to manage a business as big as she would like to create.

She found the concept of hiring people terrifying. What if she chose the wrong people?

She said she didn’t know how to find the right people or know when might be the right time to justify hiring.

After tapping a bit more, she commented that she wanted to do it all by herself so as to have it be small enough and manageable enough, and she recognized that she was feeling significant fear in her neck and shoulders.

The identification of her limiting beliefs that she had to do everything by herself and that she had a limited skill set in certain business areas resulted in her feeling very uncomfortable and having a sense that she “didn’t want to go there,” and her whole body felt “weird.”

So we tapped on having to do everything by herself, on not knowing how to do it all, on not really wanting to do it all, on not wanting to go there, on the difficulties of growing her business if she has to do it all.

Then what came up was her core fear of hiring someone without having a guarantee that there would always be enough work for them to do, and her subsequently feeling responsible for their livelihood.

We tapped on her fears of being responsible for food on someone else’s table, her limited skill set, and the restriction she felt in her body.

Tara said that she was okay with hiring an accountant, a bookkeeper, and already had a web designer in mind, so I then broached the possibility of hiring people on a short-term-contract basis of up to 3 months.

These people could help her set up the systems and teach her how to use them so that she would always know how to do the jobs herself.

I also suggested that if the person or people she hired for the short term turned out to be a fabulous fit, then the contract could be extended or renegotiated on an as-needed basis.

We tapped on these new possibilities along with the idea that she could draw up some job descriptions for the things she will need to have done, things she doesn’t want to do, or things she doesn’t have the necessary expertise for. She also hadn’t considered that she could hire people online, that they needn’t come to her office, which also resulted in a big sigh of relief.

This tapping on different possibilities for getting the support she would need resulted in a “huge shift” that felt “really nice” for Tara.

She no longer felt the burden of responsibility for another’s income and survival, which had been holding her back from expanding her business, and opened her up to a number of potential ways her business could evolve.

It is always interesting how we can fail to see the big picture, or the possibilities that there are other ways of looking at the picture or strategizing about the future, because of limiting beliefs that, when examined and tapped on, can be released, allowing for more creative problem-solving.

Given that it is the end of the year, I introduced Tara to a wonderful exercise I learned from world-renowned life coach, motivational speaker, spiritual author, and Founder of Life Mastery Institute, Mary Morrissey, that I call the “Prosperity Plus Future Visioning Exercise.”

In it, I ask my clients to pretend that it is one year from today and that we are holding a year-in-review conversation in which they tell me how happy and grateful they are to let me know of all of the wonderful changes and accomplishments of the past year.

Doing this exercise really helps to positively change one’s vibration, to give oneself permission to look forward to having a great year to come.

We made a commitment to finish all of our sessions together with this exercise. I particularly look forward to it, as I have been putting it out that I want someone to do this with me, and now I have a willing, reciprocal participant!

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