Emotional Freedom Technique

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What exactly is EFT?

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, aka Meridian Tapping is a surprisingly quick and effective Energy Psychology practice. It is closely related to Chinese Medicine’s Meridian systems, (without needles!), modern day Epigenetics, Brain Elasticity Science, NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and traditional Psychotherapy. By focusing on a painful event or symptom, while gently tapping or rubbing on particular energetic meridian points on your own body, you learn how to actually and immediately release physical and emotional pain and long held limiting beliefs. The subsequent use of affirmations and choices, (also while tapping), helps these choices and preferences enter into both our subconscious and our consciousness.

Thanks to the quantum physicists we now know that we are all energetic beings with energy fields. These fields often hold the memory of traumatic life events from our pasts that we have not yet released. When we experience another event that consciously or unconsciously reminds us of our painful past it can reactivate the old memories, bringing the thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs of the original trauma flooding back into the body and mind, causing stress and eventually leading to physical and psychological illness.

What will EFT help me with?

EFT helps to release and resolve the negative energetic charges we hold in our hearts, minds and bodies. By using Matrix Reimprinting, (an advanced EFT technique) one can also create new positive memories in their place. By engaging in this process we in essence change our relationship to our past, affecting our emotional and physical health in positive ways.

Recent research indicates that manual stimulation of acupuncture points produces opioids, serotonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and regulates cortisol. These neurochemical changes reduce pain, slow the heart rate, decrease anxiety, shut off the FFF response, regulate the autonomic nervous system, and create a sense of calm. This relaxation response reciprocally inhibits anxiety and creates a rapid desensitization to traumatic stimuli.

EFT assists people wishing to release the physical and emotional pain, limiting beliefs and negative habits, learned during past painful experiences.

Will I always need a coach to lead my EFT sessions?

One of the many exciting aspects of EFT is that it is client directed and you can easily begin to learn enough to use it yourself where ever and when ever you find yourself in a challenging situation. Personally I find working with another EFT practitioner is very helpful for getting at the core beliefs and memories that are limiting me today. While having another, experienced person to help guide your EFT session is preferable, you will leave your sessions armed with a new skill to help yourself and your loved ones in the future. There’s no accident that one movie about EFT is called Try It On Anything. Another film, about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, demonstrates how powerful a process EFT is for survivors of abuse, carnage and war, who receive tremendous relief from the effects of anger, grief and survivor’s guilt.

What symptoms can EFT address?


EFT helps with an impressive variety of symptoms ranging from anxiety, insomnia, night sweats, physical tension and pain, rage, fears, grief and phobias…Even if you currently feel little or no emotional response or connection, EFT can help you to reconnect to your feelings in a safe environment.

The really good news is that not only is EFT fast and effective but it is NOT necessary to recall every painful episode of your life in order for you to feel phenomenal relief. EFT has a cumulative effect. Once you have worked on an issue, numerous similar issues will miraculously lose their charge, power and effect on you.

In very short order you will be feeling lighter, happier, more joyful, more content, more focused, more productive, more supported..


Please know that your sessions and the content of your sessions are confidential. I take seriously the importance of your feeling safe in order to explore and heal the pains of your past.

DISCLAIMER: EFT is not intended to be, or serve as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment. I encourage clients to always seek the advice of your physician, or other qualified health care professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical or psychological condition. Clients understand that I am not acting the in the capacity of a medical Doctor or any other licensed or registered professional. My clients have chosen to work with me and understand that any and all information received should not be seen as medical advice and is certainly not meant to take the place of your seeing licensed health professionals. All clients acknowledge and that they take full responsibility for their own lives and all decisions they make during and after EFT sessions. My clients are always encouraged to be in a place of personal choice and responsibility and will be asked to sign a document indicating their understanding of this concept prior to engaging in sessions with me.

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