Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Issues

After my most recent session with Alice, I am able to think about my mother without any hurt or guilt for the first time in years. I am at peace and that is a wonderful feeling. Thank you Alice  –  Marion Lang, Hamburg, Germany

Was your mother unlikely to ever win the “Mother of the Year Award”?

  • Do you suspect that some of the lessons you learned from your mother’s words, or actions, may be preventing you from having happy, healthy relationships – with your spouse, with friends and family, at work?
  • Do you suffer from a deep seated fear that you are not good enough, or perhaps you don’t feel worthy of love, or success – at home, or at work?
  • Are you still reacting with oh-so familiar feelings of guilt and shame left over from childhood events?
  • Do you self sabotage your dreams with procrastination and negative self talk?

If much of the above is true but you fear that delving into the past will be frustrating, useless and too painful to bear, hugging motherhere is some good news for you!

New therapeutic advances and understandings of Brain Plasticity, Quantum Physics and Energy Psychology, coupled with principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  allow us to QUICKLY, EASILY AND PERMANENTLY remove emotional baggage from your past, (even if previous attempts to heal have left you feeling worse than you did before you started.) We now have scientific proof that it actually is possible to quantifiably, positively change our habitual thoughts, our unhealthy bodies, and even our genes, (and yes, our jean size too!)                                                                           

 Our most influential relationship is our primary one, the lifelong relationship we have with our mothers.  Children’s developing brains are like sponges, taking in the lessons and the limiting beliefs the adults in our lives teach us. (Whether meant intentionally or modelled completely unconsciously, we learned those lessons and automatically mimic our parents behaviour, even, irritatingly, when we didn’t like the behaviour as children). However this no longer has to mean an inherited life sentence of unhappy relationships, or stress filled lives.

We all deserve to heal, we all CAN heal, and with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting it has become both fast and feasible to heal. (See Tapping Testimonials).

Healing From Your Narcissistic Mother 

If you have finally had enough, if you are tired of telling the same old tales of woe and repeating the same relationship mistakes, (or attracting the same type of guys), and realize that you could  use some help towards leaving your painful past behind, to take the masks you have been wearing off your face, to quickly replace them with permanent relief, genuine smiles and likely some laughter too, then contact Alice today to discuss dates and logistics!

Together you will collaborate to create a transformational package designed exclusively for you and whatever you really want to be rid of, once and for all. By letting go of the defining moments from your past that have been holding you back, you will come to have the emotional space and energy to allow you to create a life MUCH more to your liking.

It IS possible to recover from intergenerational wounds passed on from a mother who was too wounded herself to be a good parent. How she acts, what she says, what she eats, and how she feels about herself, and about her children, provided us with a role model to emulate in our own lives. Our view of the world, and our place in it, is based on her beliefs, however limiting, and her sense of self worth, however negative. For those of us with profoundly wounded parents, (whether they are now drug addicted, narcissistic, depressed, controlling, constantly complaining, belittling….), it has often been difficult to learn to be good to ourselves, to consider treating ourselves with respect, to believe that we are good enough to succeed in life. For some it has felt impossible to overcome the anxiety, self sabotage and procrastination that has continued to effect your life.

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Part of a Couple?                 

If both members of a couple are equally motivated to improve their lives and their relationship, packages can also be designed to benefit both of you based on Alice’s training in Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Non Violent Communications and Conscious, Compassionate Listening techniques.) 

While many of Alice’s client’s parents remained together, the one thing they have in common is that their parents would not have received the prize for parent of the year, and their children suffered for it, and continued to suffer into adulthood with insecurities, anxieties, grief and guilt as they perpetuated what was done to them.

african senior mother and adult daughter

The truth is, there is nothing like the feeling of inner safety, confidence and joy that comes from having faced the issues and patterns learned from an unhealthy mother. It truly clears the way for you to embody the brilliance within you.

The bottom line is that when you commit to doing the work of healing your own relationship with your mother, (whether she is still alive or dead), and get the skilled support that you need, (a crucial factor), you can dismantle the most fundamental barriers to your full empowerment and fulfillment.

Learn how to make self affirming promises to yourself that you actually follow through on, to allow for the attraction and abundance of whatever it is you DO want in your life.

Become the wonderful person you’re meant to be. Transform into healthy adulthood and leave your painful childhood behind.

Contact Alice today to begin your journey. You too can learn to live life fully, with purpose and passion.