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Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

Help for Healers

Are you a professional helper/healer in danger of  burnout ?

Do you find it much easier to care for others, than to find effective,
competent and confidential help for yourself?

Perhaps you are a therapist, or coach, whose  own self care is not nearly as good as you recommend for others?

Is your personal life riddled with chaos, or unfulfilling, codependent relationships?

“Alice is a highly skilled practitioner of EFT. She has an uncanny ability to nail the statement and feelings that helped me to release stuck feelings. Sessions with Alice helped me to move through some relationship issues that were holding me back from connecting fully. I experience Alice as clear, compassionate and present in all sessions.”  

Sohlea Rico, (Sharon Haave),, Courtney, BC


Are you a Doctor, or other Medical Practitioner, who feels too vulnerable to go to a local counselor?Are there aspects of yourself you are afraid to show to others, or to yourself? Are you concerned that that you will lose the respect of your patients?

Are you a crisis line worker, advocate, or a nurse who feels weighed down by the day in day out cumulative effects of listening to the suffering of others?


After several years of overwhelming stress,  precipitating career burnout,  a relationship breakup … I felt ground down to the lowest spot I had been… I had not found an EFT practitioner who I could relax with and trust to go deep….I have opened up to my feelings and body again, joyfully reconnecting with my creativity.  My normally high energy has returned. The tension I had been holding in my lower rib cage and gut, since abandonment and consequent trauma as a babe, released….  I’m more comfortable now with my vulnerability, my capacity for relationship has deepened. I sleep better than I have in years.  What a huge gift! With her kind heart, clear physic field and high skill level, Alice works deftly and creatively to get through blocks. She is not cowed by intensity because she has done her own work…”

Evelyn Wolff, MD, Certified GP Psychotherapist, Huntsville, Ontario 


oneDo others put you on a bit of a pedestal because you have helped them but inside you know, that at your core, you struggle with your own doubts, fears and limiting beliefs?

Do you find it difficult to find help for yourself, or to help yourself? Does everyone else come first? Do you wish someone could do for you, as you do for others?

“I am an analytic, intellectual person who has trouble getting access to my emotions at times; I find it very hard to surrender, take advice from friends, or open up my emotions to others, including therapists. I am often the one helping others struggling with emotions, staying calm when others are upset. …. I came to this session looking for assistance with a core problem – a sense that now that I am retired, I have more to do in this life, but I am not sure what exactly. I want it to be an expression of my full potential, my higher self. This session was right on, allowing me to experience and gently massage a deep emotional stumbling block that interferes with the full free expression of my higher self. I am most grateful!”

Heather O’Halloran, Retired School Psychologist,Toronto, ON


Are you interested in learning a new tool that can help you, and your clients/patients become more self loving, self respecting, happier and healthier?

Alice has the ability and intuitive knowing to lead one into a traumatic memory safely and help you through the journey, through the event, helping you to see, hear, feel and heal the event. Alice: I thank you for helping me to find a hidden emotional pain I was unaware of.

Theresa Brulotte, Balanced Being Holistic Healing and Massage, Comox, BC.


one2A replenished healer is much better able to continue to support others having taken care of ourselves. Sooner or later, healers who neglect their own personal growth, will find that their own relationships are in tatters, their own health jeopardized. With my support and EFT, you can learn how to empty the glass full of other people’s trauma while also resolving your own. Having grown up surrounded by powerful professionals, I am not easily intimidated by degrees, experience or backgrounds.

We all need to do our own work and I am no exception! As a work in process, I continue to seek out other gifted healers from a variety of modalities, for guidance and direction on my own path, and I encourage  client to do the same. Having come from a peer counselling/feminist background I understand that we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves, and that we can all use a little help from time to time. Sessions are always client driven. Having identified what it is you want to work on, we work at a pace that is directed by and works best for you.

“Doing sessions with Alice, she always makes it clear what my triggers are and what to do with them in a safe way. Even though my issue of low self esteem is huge and goes back several generations on my mother’s side – Alice managed to get me to the point where I see what triggers it, and even more important that I don’t have to hold on to this self destructive pattern of mine any more. Alice is very empathic and has a great sense of humor, so thank you for your great support. I’m so grateful.” 

Annette  Nielsen, (EFT Practitioner), Denmark


If you would like help to heal some of your own wounds, please contact me to arrange for a confidential, complimentary consultation via the phone, Skype, Vsee,  Google Hangouts or Facebook talk. During our conversation we will identify what it is what you wish help with and you have the opportunity to ask questions to determine if we are a good fit to work together. Call 250-702-7570 or email today to make an appointment. I now suggest that you leave the next hour and a half open as often this consultation finds  people ready to get to work and so we move into our first session together. I always make the extra time available to you. If you do not wish to proceed, I have no trouble finding things to do with the time. If you do wish to experience the benefits of your first session with me, then we have the flexibility to move forward at that time. (Payment of $75 for your introductory session maybe paid after the session in this case. In all other instances, payment is requested before the session begins).

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