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Is your Mother a Narcissist? 21 Question Quiz.

(The following questions apply whether your mother lives or has died.  The effects on you often live on after her demise.)

  1. Does your mother seem jealous of you, or of your friends?
  2. When you try to talk to your mother about yourown feelings, does she interrupt to tell you how she is feeling or to deny what you are saying?
  3. When you want to talk about something that is bothering you, does she change the subject to something that is bothering her?
  4. Does your mother tell you that whatever you are thinking or feeling is nonsense?
  5. Do you find yourself questioning whether your mother loves or even likes you?
  6. Do you feel emotionally distant from your mother?
  7. Does it not feel safe to share intimate thoughts with your mother, for fear that she may use the information against you at a later date?
  8. Does your mother do things for show? But behind closed doors acts differently towards you?
  9. Does every conversation about your life, your loves, your disappointments… turn into a conversation about her life, her lost loves, her disappointments?
  10. Does your mother negate your feelings, and experiences?
  11. Is your mother overly concerned about appearances, about what the neighbours, or others think, rather than what yout hink or what is really happening for you?
  12. Does your mother rewrite history, telling stories about events that you were a part of, but have a very different recollection of?
  13. Does it take very little to hurt your mother?
  14. Does your mother blame everyone but herself for her problems, taking little or no personal responsibility for her own life and choices?
  15. Is your mother a liar? Telling one thing to you and taking a diametrically opposed position with someone else?
  16. Does you mother hold grudges, for years?
  17. Does your mother portray herself as a victim?
  18. Is your mother consistently trying to get you to do things for her, things that she could do for herself?
  19. Does your mother blame her headaches or other physical symptoms on you?
  20. Do you feel it is your job to take care of your mother?
  21. Is your mother more interested in talking about her problems than in exploring solutions?

If any, or all of the above are, or were true for you, I can relate! All of the above, felt true to me for much of my life, until after Mom’s death when I was in my late 40’s. Then I discovered EFT Tapping and my relationship with myself began to change profoundly as it has for many men and womenI have worked with who also had/have narcissistic mothers. If you would like experienced, effective guidance to assist you in recovering from the emotional wounding you received from your controlling mother, to learn how to forgive her and move forward with your own life, on your own terms, I would be delighted to help you transition into a much healthier, empowered you­­­.­­

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