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Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

Matrix Reimprinting Results

When checking with EFT Tapping Recipients about Tapping work we did in the ‘Matrix’, three responses are typical.

After tapping on events from the past that HAD been causing them pain, anxiety, grief, anger, stress…, they either noticed –


They can now tell the story about what happened, without the previously felt strong emotions that they had experienced when telling me about the event the first time. Prior to tapping they had felt sadness, blame, shame, fear

The anger has gone, or dissipated significantly, the limiting beliefs about themselves that they had believed before have been transformed into more empowering thoughts, the sadness and anxiety have been replaced by feelings of calm and relaxation, and often forgiveness, for themselves and for those who had caused the pain.


The second, and in my experience most frequent reaction, is that, while remembering what they remembered as happening before, they now find themselves wanting to tell me and themselves, the new, more empowered story. This story is significantly different than what they had told during the previous retelling.

A recent session serves as a prime example of this. Previously we had worked on two specific memories having to do with anxiety and claustrophobia. One, a recollection from a time in school, and another from a time she felt trapped in a hot car.  

When I asked her to retell both those ‘stories’ she remarked with amazement in her voice “I know what happened, but I feel differently, a different outcome comes up, and nothing is coming up in my body!” (The first time she told the stories, she had noticed significant physical sensations associated with anxiety in her stomach, chest and throat.) 

These outcomes were new, more self-empowered ‘memories’ that she had formulated, and we had previously reimprinted, into her brain, and the rest of her body. 

These outcomes have stuck with her, as is the usual experience of most recipients of Matrix Reimprinting sessions. Usually, these new perceptions stick with us forever. (This is helped by the practise of actively reimprinting the new outcome several times in the days following the session. However, this is not always essential or even necessary. One time often does the trick of rewiring the brain.)


The least common response, to checking on previous work done together, is when the person seems to have completely forgotten about the incident that had caused them so much consternation in the past! Miraculously, it is as if it never happened! While not as frequent an occurrence, this too does happen. It never ceases to amaze me that something that had been SO troublesome is no longer even available to one’s memory.

The stories we tell ourselves about traumatic events from the past, and the meanings we give to those memories, inform our beliefs about ourselves and our worlds. Fortunately, they don’t have to continue to plague us. 

What Does Matrix Reimprinting do?

What Matrix Reimprinting does is help to reframe those stories and beliefs into ones that are more relaxed, more affirming of one’s strengths and resources, and more positive.

It truly is amazing and transformational. Some EFT Tapping Recipients have even referred to Matrix Reimprinting as ‘Magic”!

If you would like support to change your perspective about events from the past, into more empowering versions, please contact me at to arrange to get started. 

In Preparation – an EFT Tapping Course – How to Set and Stick to Effective Boundaries – with Yourself and Others.

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