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Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

Tapping Retreats: Transformational EFT Trips

Transformational EFT Tapping Retreats

For people who want to move past the past, and do it fast!

Your personalized Tapping Retreat is for you IF you:

  • Had/have a unhealthy, complicated relationship with your unhealthy, addicted, controlling, narcissistic or emotionally distant mother, (or father). 
  • Want to create healthier relationships, with others and yourself, SOON, but don’t know how, or where to start, or feel overwhelmed thinking about all the work and how long it might take?
  • Have tried various therapies, read self help books, recited affirmations; but positive change is happening slowly, WAY too slowly?
  • Want to make big changes in a short amount of time – whether in the privacy of your own home, online, or where ever you heart calls you to be?

Alice literally was a life saver for me. I was in physical and emotional pain when I found Alice on the internet. She has advanced my healing by months if not years.... Intensive therapy for 10 days not only has put me back on my feet but all the supports I need are in place.

Replace your old, familiar disempowering stories with vibrant new ones, preparing you for a happier present and future, while also having fun, doing whatever it is you love to do!

If you are new to Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting (MR) be prepared to be amazed at how many positive shifts you can make in a short period. If you are already familar with EFT and MR but have not yet realized the full potential of these processes, this is your opportunity.

Imagine a transformational tapping retreat WITHOUT the distractions of everyday life, at a place where you can be comfortably supported while you do your ‘work’. The cumulative effect of each tapping session builds on the last, helping release yet more limitations from your mind and pain from your body.

YOU decide the content of your experience. YOU decide how many sessions, their duration, and how long of a break you want between them for integration.

walking in the forest

Take time for relaxation, reflection and to indulge in activities that bring you pleasure. What would you like to do? Swim, hike, get a fabulous massage, explore, eat at an excellent restaurant, visit an interesting museum, go shopping, or for a sail, a scuba dive, whale watching, or a cruise…? The possibilites are endless.

Whatever YOUR preferences, I will be there as your ’empathetic and intuitive’ guide to support you for the duration of this EFT Tapping Retreat; a journey of a lifetime. YOU choose the location for this exclusive opportunity, the length of the trip, and the amenities you desire. If you wish, I will make the arrangements to suit your tapping retreat to your budget and your likes. Do you wish to relax in between sessions, or would you rather explore an exotic locale? Get a massage, or go on a boat trip? 5 star all the way, or rustic alpine accomodations? You decide.

It IS possible to quickly and safely release the painful memories from your childhood that have been keeping you from moving on, to where you think you’d like to get to. You too can let go of the restrictive meanings you have given to events from your past. Long held beliefs that limit your future as well as your present can be examined, tapped on, released and replaced with more positive images, understandings and actions.

Couples Tour

If partners are interested in improving their relationship, a Couples retreat is available, as are Mother/Daughter trips.

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These Tapping Retreats are a unique opportunity for people who have had a difficult time with their parent(s), were abused as children, or grew up in a home with alcoholics, addicts or chronically ill guardians. It is entirely possible to gently release the painful memories from your childhood that have been keeping you from moving onto where you think you’d like to get to.

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