Free from the Past at Last, with the EFT Tapping Detective.

Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

Tapping Testimonials

Rey Johnson – Newfoundland

Diane Weston – Ontario

Evelyn Wolff – Mexico

“Alice is an insightful, compassionate and tell-it-like-it-is tapping mentor, who gets to the heart of your issues. She is a great guide through life’s murk.

Kelly Watt
“With Alice, I immediately felt very held and safe enough to process some deep, old wounds including many around my mum. This is saying something as I don’t trust people easily so to be able to tap away and let the toxic stuff go with Alice’s expert support has really helped. Having removed a good few layers through our work together I’m feeling lighter, brighter and better about my life.
Alice is extremely knowledgeable, wise, compassionate and empowering. She has a wicked sense of humour too! I always felt heard, seen and attuned to, and never pushed or hurried. My life is definitely richer since working with Alice and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to explore family of origin issues with tapping, and the many additional benefits that working with an EFT expert in this area can bring.”
Alexandra, UK


“Hi Alice, I wanted to thank you for the work you did with me and let you know how much the tapping sessions have helped me. Although I’m still working through my social anxiety and meeting with the tapping group I told you about, I feel that I’ve been able to move on from the childhood issues that bothered me the most.
This has been a big deal for me, because I no longer feel the strong emotions I did when thinking of certain aspects of my childhood. I never thought I would get to the point where I don’t feel the need to blame someone and feel sorry for myself, and I know that the tapping I did with you helped me get to this point. Anyway, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am and I hope you are doing well!

Rachel O’Keeffe, Texas

“Alice has been a pivotal support person to me through this last several years on my healing journey. She has helped me live a full and authentic life I would never have dreamed possible. At first our work was around recovery, fear, grief and anger, I had been in survival mode for so long these feelings felt enormous and unmanageable; under Alice’s guidance I have found a way to accept, even welcome the hard feelings and challenges in life as opportunities for self-discovery and a path to wholeness.
These days our work has evolved into deeper work that fuels my own strength, resilience, and love of myself.  When I reflect on the feelings I had when I first started working with Alice I realize how effective tapping is for me and I now live my best life knowing whatever comes up I can tap! My abuser has receded to the likes of a flea at my ankle, I never would have believed that possible. Thank you so much for your support. “

CAH, (A grateful client)

“Alice is a detective with wonderful tapping skills. Using tapping on myself and with my clients, I know how crucial it is to get to the bottom of things, to find the root of the suffering, in order to transform emotions, thinking and harmful patterns.

Working with me and starting out with physical symptoms we ended up with stuff from my childhood that needed to be felt, allowed, seen, accepted and transmuted. It was real healing.

Thank you so much Alice for your talent! Staying on track with what’s happening to further the body-mind connection permits holistic health!”

Sujati, Transformational Body-Mind Coach, Qc., Canada

“Honest I was a skeptical about the tapping method at first, but oh my gosh how it worked. I had many things happen in my life and attachments that when I thought about them I would just cry, now with Alice’s help I can smile and think about how lucky I was to have these people and animals in my life and to let go of all that old trauma. When we started I was so oblivious to so much of my trauma, but we dealt with so very much.

Tina Douglas, British Columbia

“I’m so thankful for all the help and guidance Alice has given me. I was dealing with serious depression and anxiety through unresolved trauma and truly didn’t know how to improve my life.

After just a few sessions with Alice, I began to have hope. I really had doubts about how tapping and EFT could possibly help me overcome everything I had been through, but I can wholeheartedly say that this work has changed my life.

Alice has helped support and guide me through my self-abusive and limiting beliefs by being compassionate, understanding, honest, and supportive. Most importantly, she knows what she is doing! Every session I feel like I’ve actually progressed and have healed hurt that I didn’t think could ever be healed.

I strongly encourage you to make the call or reach out now because I only wish I would have worked with her years ago. She has made me know that healing is possible and that I don’t just have to “deal” with hurt, but I can actually do something to constructively fix it.”

Brittany Bowerman, Nevada

I never really knew I needed this deeper inner healing work and now that I’m doing it it feels incredibly liberating and freeing. Anxiety has been a close companion of mine for years now and through tapping with Alice I have experienced true transformation with it. I feel so grateful that she has been my practitioner showing me the way. She is patient, kind, intelligent and has a great sense of humour which makes the tapping experience truly flow. It is very easy to sit with her and to allow the process to unfold however it needs to. She gets all of my five stars! Thanks very much, Alice.”

Cathy Holfield, via Google reviews

“I became interested in tapping for better health. My learning and gratitude was immediate – and I continue to find every session with Alice to be remarkable.

Recently I had what was a profound revelation (for me). Through tapping and the mantra Alice taught me, I became aware of how fiercely I love my friends and family, but I had never learned – or even thought – to love myself that way. I didn’t know that could be something we did for ourselves.

I had self-respect and would protect myself. And have a family who loves me. But, oddly, I hadn’t considered loving myself.

It was a big deal to come to this realization. I think every child should be taught how to love themselves. What an incredible gift and foundation for a child (and adult)!”

Cheryl Condly, British Columbia

I have had the opportunity to work with Alice for a few weeks now. In this short period of time, I saw more shifts happening than during more than 10 years of personal growth work. Not only Alice’s toolkit is extensive, but she uses it with the great expertise of a long time professional. I highly highly recommend to anyone looking forward to quick progress!!!”

Peggy Vandeplassche, Ontario

“After feeling overpowered both emotionally and physically by levels of anxiety never before experienced, I am so grateful that I turned to Alice for help. I knew about tapping techniques, but truly needed Alice’s guidance to navigate the rough waters. Her skill at combining EFT and cognitive therapy helped get me back to a more rational state. I was better equipped to go deeper inside with her and explore issues of grief, trust, disappointment, past injustices and injuries, and turn these learning opportunities into making healthier choices. I can honestly say that today I am at a place of greater happiness, health, peace and enjoyment of my life. I know life it a journey and the healing is not a linear process, so I am so glad to know Alice is there for me when I need help! I highly recommend giving Alice a try if you are struggling with debilitation physical and/or emotional issues. It’s not necessarily an easy “fix”, but the “aha!” moments can be so rewarding!!!!

Judy Goldsmith, British Columbia

“Our family sought out Alice because our 12-year-old daughter was exhibiting a significant amount of fear. Alice worked with both my daughter and myself to help free up fears we both had. I am so relieved to say that my daughter feels safer in her body, and I feel freer to know my daughter is safe in the world. Thank you, Alice!”

Rebecca Berkowitz, California

“Alice is very gifted, knowledgeable and experienced in supporting mother and daughter relationships that have been stressed or challenged, as well as working with individuals. Two thumbs up for Alice! “

Beth Richardsen, British Columbia

“I really liked Alice’s approach. She digs in and gets to the root of your problems. I found her sessions very educational and healing. Looking forward to our next sessions! Thanks Alice! Warm hugs:)”

Jason Whitfield, British Columbia

“Alice brings with her a wealth of experience in personal heart of any matter. I believe it is because her heart is true and sincere in your recovery. I trust her full heartedly.”

Nancy Davie, British Columbia

“Alice’s work shifts things. “

Roberta Meilleur, British Columbia

“After only a few sessions with Alice, I’m struck by her insight and depth of caring, and gentle use of humour to introduce new ways of looking at things. I’m so grateful to be working with Alice, and finally feel hopeful about shifting and releasing the thought patterns that have kept me stuck for so long.

After telling her partner she was coming back to see me and do some tapping, Kari told me that he said,

‘I don’t know what you are doing, but keep on doing it’.

He also remarked that she hadn’t been ‘cranky or crazy in weeks’. (I have her permission to share this.)

Kari Magnuson, British Columbia

“Alice’s whole demeanor is showering loving-kindness, care and concern for the well-being and wellness of others. Her work takes one to great depths of healing and one comes out the other side feeling so much freer, lighter and better about themselves. Alice is a delight to work with and so worth it for anyone interested at all in her divine work and being!

Jack Miller, British Columbia

“Had a wonderful session with Alice, she kept me safe where some other practitioners retraumized me. thank you”

Sue Love, British Columbia

“I absolutely loved working with Alice. She is a wonderful mentor, guide and therapist. I reached out to her as I was suffering from a chronic condition that was manifesting from physical and emotional trauma. Within 6 months, my illness had decreased by 90%. She is absolutely wonderful and patient, and I highly recommend her.
Having known of the existence of tapping for a while, I wanted to find a guide to help me through some emotional problems that were manifesting physically in my life. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Alice. She is a wonderful guide and advisor. She is always sincere and accommodating. This has been quite an emotional journey for me, but Alice has been nothing but kind and patient. And the best thing is – my physical symptoms did indeed go away! A million THANK YOUs Alice. 10/10 recommend!

Marina Pelini, Hong Kong

“This past winter I felt completely stuck in a situation that was growing increasingly difficult. I had been doing my inner work as best I could. But I was unable to get out of the situation I was in. In short, I was looking after my mother, in her mid-90s, with dementia and declining health.

Talking with Alice, I realized that I was stuck in old assumptions arising out of a trauma in my childhood where I learned to take care of everyone else. I took over where my mother at the time failed to support me and others.

In our sessions, Alice helped me see how I had repeated the pattern of caregiving based on the same assumptions through my marriages, raising children, and taking care of my father and then my mother. This time, feeling overwhelmed by the full-time responsibility for my mother’s complex care, I lost my balance, resulting in “caregiver burnout”.

Using EFT, she guided me through what she called “Matrix Reimprinting”. By the end of our sessions together, I was able to state firmly that I was done with the situation that I was in, even though I could not imagine a way out. Within 6 weeks a solution was presented to me; and the problem was completely resolved within another 5 weeks.

I now have my freedom to move on, not only from the situation, but also from the thinking that kept me repeating the past. Now I have the opportunity to get on with my own life, to develop my own passions, and to discover what truly inspires me.

Our family sought out Alice because our 12-year-old daughter was exhibiting a significant amount of fear. Alice worked with both my daughter and myself to help free up fears we both had. I am so relieved to say that my daughter feels safer in her body, and I feel freer to know my daughter is safe in the world. Thank you, Alice!  “

Irene Huntley, Vancouver Island

“I am so grateful that I found Alice. My life has truly changed for the better. I feel more at peace and have direction in my life. As an EFT practitioner, I have done lots of work on myself but felt that I needed an “outsider” to guide me better and Alice was a perfect fit! She is full of compassion and insight which allowed me to successfully address several issues including guilt, fear, anger and hurt. Although I have always believed that EFT is an awesome tool, I am even more convinced of the power it has to heal… Part of loving ourselves includes healing and letting go of old wounds. Wounds that occupy space in your heart and don’t allow you to become the person you are meant to be. Some of those wounds are found in relationships with people you love.

After my most recent session with Alice, I am able to think about my mother without any hurt or guilt for the first time in years. I am at peace and that is a wonderful feeling. Thank you Alice!

You are truly a blessing!”

Marion Lang, Germany

“I wish I could give everyone the gift of Alice. It’s how I often feel after sessions with you! I’m so glad Jill recommended me to you.

From the first session I felt completely at ease with Alice. She created the sense of safety and strength that I needed for processing some deeply traumatic experiences and emotions that I had been holding onto for decades. It has been a miracle to finally begin to release all that trapped energy with such a gentle, skilled, and lighthearted guide. What initially seemed an impossibly daunting task has become a plausible, even pleasurable, journey.

Impossible to convey in words are Alice’s skills with matrix reimprinting. They have miraculously transformed some of my most painful memories to experiences of connection, compassion, and joy. Alice is nothing less than a soul retriever and a gifted intuitive healer, and I cannot recommend her and her work enough.

As our intense work together has come to a close, I have felt more sadness than relief, for Alice has become more than a practitioner, she is a friend, a wise woman guide, and a mentor who has taught me to embrace and trust my feelings, myself, and my intuition. In just 4 months I have improved health, a stronger marriage, better connections with my children and extended family, and a renewed faith in life and in myself. There is no greater gift! Thank you.”

(The image beside Amanda’s testimonial is a painting by her, called The Healer).

Amanda Cartwright, Florida

“Alice was of great help to me. We had intensive Tapping-sessions via skype for nine months and I was able to find out a lot about my family and my own hidden wounds, certain topics coming up again and again, until they were gone.
I always felt safe and secure with Alice and appreciated her clarity of thought, humor and great intuition.
I feel relieved now and know that a lot of healing has taken place.
Thank you so much, Alice, you are a true Tapping Detective!

Stefanie Erdrich, Germany

“Before doing EFT with Alice I felt controlled by my past. I was constantly looking for comfort and distraction in food, activities, material things and other people but never felt satisfied. I felt vulnerable and afraid much of the time. I was in survival mode.
I found Alice to have great insight in understanding trauma and it’s effects as well as sensitivity and warmth that always made me feel safe when going to difficult places. She was able to help me to connect to my younger self and to help me repair the damage that was done. I now have a sense of relief and contentment that I have never felt before. I no longer feel responsible for what happened to me as a child. I have finally let go of the distorted thinking patterns and the sadness, shame and fear that have had so much power over me.
I am now living my life in the here and now with greater peace and joy.
Thank you Alice and EFT!

Terri Weeks, Ontario

“I am grateful for Alice’s presence and experience. Her ability to create a safe place and intuitively get to the core issues helped me to release some important cords with childhood traumas. I also enjoyed her generous and humorous spirit. The efficiency of the EFT in Alice’s way was a pure blessing on my journey. Forever grateful.

Amara Joy, Vancouver Island

“Alice Grange! You are warmth in human form. It didn’t matter that I was sitting oceans away from her with two computer screens and three time zones between us: I felt like I was in the care of a gentle, guiding and warm soul, and our session was like a hot knife through butter. Smooth! I felt a lot of relief, and I think I can safely say that I was reborn after my session with Alice anyone who wants to find a fairy godmother should look no further than Alice!

Kirthi Jayakumar, India

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