Tapping Trips Details


Start by making a list of the areas in your life that could do with some improvement. 

How is your sleep? How much stress is in your life? How are your relationships with significant others, co-workers, friends and relatives? What makes you angry, sad, frustrated, anxious…? What aches and pains do you suffer from? What are the things you think about that hold you back or keep you awake at night?

Take note of the difficult moments in your past. (Divorces, firings, bullying, abuse, rejection, failures…)


With a guided Transformational Tapping Trip you can quickly and exponentially release and resolve the significant barriers that have held you back from becoming the person you have always wanted to be. Imagine how much better your life would be without the limiting beliefs you have held onto for years, if not decades? There is no time like the present to let go of the past! (You won’t have to tap on everything in order to feel substantial relief. In EFT there is an effect known as “Generalization’ where clearing up the feelings associated with one memory frequently results in a decrease in the intensity of other feelings and limiting beliefs:  WITHOUT ACTUALLY TAPPING ON THOSE EVENTS, FEELINGS OR PEOPLE!)

Imagine feeling peaceful. Imagine feeling compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others. With EFT and MR all this is possible. Check out these case studies for examples of how Transformational Tapping Trips have helped others.


Arrangements can be made for almost anywhere on your list of favourite places you have been, or wish to getaway to. Whatever your likes, dislikes and price range, the arrangements will be made accordingly! If you prefer to tap together in your own home, Alice can come to you there or meet you online.


Whenever you want and Alice is available!


Trips can consist of a Long Weekend, a Week, 10 Days or Two Weeks.



  • At least Two EFT/MR sessions via Skype or Zoom video or in Person at Alice’s home office
    During those meetings you will determine what isn’t working in your life, what you want to change in your life, and where you want to get to. You will also get a significant taste of how powerful and profound EFT and MR with Alice can be.
  • Then, you decide where you would like to go, when, for how long, and what your budget is.
  • You will also be asked what extracurricular activities you would like to engage in between sessions.

If Alice is available for those dates, and upon receipt of $250, Alice will begin researching and planning your trip; exploring the details of flights, accommodation(s), available amenities etc. She will then present you with an itemized price list.

Upon return of a signed contract and a 50% deposit, the booking of your transformational travels will begin.

The final installment will be payable 6 weeks prior to the trip.

Cancellations will be accepted up until one month prior to the trip. 50% of your deposit will be returned to you minus any out of pocket expenses for flights etc.

(Travel and health insurance and any necessary VISA’s and up to date Passport with at least 6 months left until the expiry date will be your reponsibility).

Payment may be sent via E-transfer, Cheque, Paypal or Credit Card. 

During your transformational Retreat:

You will receive as many transformational EFT/MR sessions as you want, interspersed with as many rejuvenating activities as you would like. Alice will be available day and night for the duration of the trip, helping you to move away from the pains of your past towards a more joyous, relaxed and empowered future.


6 follow up sessions to ensure that your transformational tapping retreat continues to benefit you after your return home to the realities of life!