Free from the Past at Last, with the EFT Tapping Detective.

Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

Emotional Cleanses – Tapping Trips for Transformation

For women who want to move past the past, and do it fast!

 These personalized trips are for you IF you:

  • Had/have a complicated relationship with your addicted, mentally ill or emotionally distant mother?
  • Want to create healthier relationships, with others & yourself, SOON, but don’t know how or where to start, or feel overwhelmed thinking about all the work & how long it might take?
  • Hear your mother’s voice coming out of your own mouth & don’t like it?
  • Have tried various therapies & read self help books, but positive change is happening slowly, way too slowly?

 If any of the above describes you, my name is Alice Grange, & I can relate!

The relationship with my addicted, manic depressive mother coloured my whole life from my premature birth – until 10 years ago, when I discovered EFT Tapping, three years after my mother’s death. I was an emotional basket case; angry, frustrated, full of fears, sadness and shame, unable to move forward in my own life.  Although I had tried numerous types of therapy & support groups in the past, & read many the best seller self help books, with EFT my life began to change in ways that I had almost lost hope were even possible.

Slowly but surely, during weekly sessions, I began to release the old resentments & self destructive habits of a lifetime.  I was impressed at how powerful EFT was & how much better I was feeling. Negative, repetitive thought patterns were gradually being replaced by more self empowering ones. Eventually the circumstances of my life began to improve, reflecting the changes I was making internally.

For the past 6 years I have been in the best relationship of my life, with a man who knows how to communicate & loves to dance & travel as much as I do.

In 2012, I began attending courses in EFT & became a Certified Intermediate EFT Practitioner. Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced form of EFT that is brilliant for releasing childhood trauma) was soon added to my toolbox that also includes training in Non-Violent Communication, Peer Counselling, Matrix Reimprinting, (MR), Mediation, work at several Rape/Assault Centres, & Trauma Informed Healing and Prevention.

‘Alice’s willingness to be honest makes each session, deep and real, backed by a BIG heart, lots of loving kindness and humour. The work she does is priceless and continues to have a ripple effect in my life’. Jill Brocklehurst, Spiritual Director, Centre for Spiritual Living, Campbell River, BC, Canada.

Now I offer Tapping Trips for Transformation for Women who want to make big changes in a short amount of time – whether in your own home, in Aruba, Bali, Zambia, or wherever your heart calls you to be.

Typically EFT Practitioners meet with people on a weekly basis. After each session recipients return to the stresses of work & family responsibilities as before. Sometimes the gains made during sessions are at least partially lost as clients face the same old familiar worries, familial patterns & persistent problems.

However, something very interesting happens when people devote concentrated time to their healing. Positive change happens far more rapidly, exponentially and completely.

Case Study #1: A woman was living by herself in an RV she left only for Doctor’s appointments.  She was in emotional & physical pain, estranged from family & friends. Ten days after my arrival she was driving again, (after not driving at all for the previous 6 years)! She had joined a support group for people who were divorcing & was well on her way to finding her own lawyer. During the time we tapped & strategized together, she expanded her support network & radically changed her life. She found new friends at Ala-non meetings, (for the relatives of Alcoholics).  Even her estranged husband made a point of letting me know how happy & grateful he was for the changes she had made in such a short period of time. In a testimonial she wrote:

‘ Alice literally was a lifesaver for me…She has advanced my healing by months, if not years. The decrease in my pain, (carpal tunnel wrist pain),  has been nothing short of phenomenal… Alice, I cannot thank you enough. Alice’s help will be valued for the rest of my life. In addition her adaptability and flexibility is incredible! Intensive therapy for 10 days not only has put me back on my feet but all the supports I need are in place.’

 Picture a healing vacation WITHOUT the distractions of everyday life; at a comfortable location where you are supported by your own personal guide encouraging you; where the cumulative effect of each Tapping session builds on the last, helping quickly release yet more limitations from your mind & pain from your body.  

When the EFT vacation is over, you return to your life renewed & refreshed, having released & reframed many of your persistent limiting beliefs, old stories & habits; leaving you much better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

WHY do more sessions in a concentrated period of time?

In my own personal & professional experience the more time & effort you put into your own healing, the faster you heal. Those clients who decided to do EFT more frequently, to schedule sessions closer together, start to feel substantially relieved from anxiety, fear, shame, guilt & grief much, much faster.

Having an experienced EFT Practitioner to help guide you, support you, encourage you, keep you on track & strategize with you – could make a big difference in your life too.

Case Study #2: A long weekend was spent supporting a woman who was completely beside herself, full of anger & frustration with her partner, her son & herself.  By the time Sunday rolled around, she was feeling much calmer & more peaceful than she had in years. She had decided to make some big changes in how she led her life & had come to some new conclusions about what was really important to her. Working on her relationship with her mother brought her clarity about her present day relationships which we continued to explore in our work together by Skype after I returned home.

After several years of overwhelming stress, precipitating career burnout, a relationship breakup… I felt ground down to the lowest spot I had been….I have opened up to my feelings and body again, joyfully reconnecting with my creativity.  My normally high energy has returned. The tension I had been holding in my lower rib cage and gut, since abandonment and consequent trauma as a babe, released dramatically during a session. I’m more comfortable now with my vulnerability, my capacity for relationship has deepened. I sleep better than I have in years. What a huge gift! With her kind heart…and high skill level, Alice works deftly and creatively to get through blocks. She is not cowed by intensity because she has done her own work. I highly recommend her work to assist in clearing old or recent trauma, and negative patterns/beliefs that obstruct happiness.’

Imagine combining a similar healing experience with opportunities to have Fun, Rest and Relaxation,                 with plenty of time to do WHATEVER you want to do, without any commitments or obligations to anyone but yourself and your healing. 

In between tapping sessions you can choose to sleep, walk on a beautiful beach, gaze at a gorgeous view, eat a yummy meal, take a rejuvenating yoga class, read an entertaining novel, write in your journal, get a relaxing massage, explore somewhere you have always wanted to visit, shop, giggle through a salsa class…


Whatever YOU want to do, WHEREVER in the world you want to go and for how long: this trip is for YOU.

YOU decide what you want to change in your life, which present day problems and past memories we work on together, how many EFT/MR sessions we do, their duration, and how long of a break YOU want between them for integration, reflection and recuperation.

Whatever you lead, I will be there as your ’empathetic and intuitive’ personal guide for the duration of this journey of a lifetime.

Case Study #3: Fearing retirement, another woman had a substantial amount of personal baggage to unpack.  She felt finally ready to do so & motivated to do it quickly. At the end of the series of 11 sessions in 10 days she reported feeling ‘like a completely different person’. She had succeeded in a releasing a significant amount of the shame, guilt & resentments she felt about past & present relationships, & had a new appreciation for herself, for what she had survived & accomplished, & how far she had come.  She surprised herself by even working on some issues that she had thought she was going to take to her grave. She is now ‘loving retirement & doing well’.

  • These tapping trips are NOT for everybody. Some people are content to work slowly. They want to take lots of time to integrate the work we do together.

These trips are only for you IF –

  • You are eager to get with your life, to get out of your own way NOW.
  • You have suffered enough & are sick and tired of being sick & tired.
  • You want to stop dreading & start looking forward to the future, to get on with the job of creating life on your own terms – but don’t know how to get started or where to begin.

If making some substantial changes in your life, in a short period of time, while being supported & encouraged by an experienced EFT Practitioner is of interest, please contact or call me at 250-702-7570. 

We will schedule a complimentary conversation at a time of mutual convenience, (via phone or Skype), to answer any & all questions about how such a personalized process could help you get from where you are, to where you want to be – emotionally!

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