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Alice Grange  Certified EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting Coach & Clinical Trauma Professional

Working with Spanish Speakers

I have been EFT coaching an Indigenous Mayan man from Guatemala.  Fernando speaks Spanish fluently and is a self taught English speaker. We have been doing EFT sessions using Skype, adding to the linguistic, geographic and technological challenges we face.

Sometimes we struggle to understand each other, partially because of my being less than fluent in Spanish, and his English, while way better than my Spanish, is not always accurate; and partly because the audio and video can be of poor quality.

Because we sometimes have difficulties with comprehension, I started to use a technique with him that I learned years ago while involved with a peer counselling community. This method seems to work really well when a person is counselling in a language that is not their first.­­­  (By the way, having some personal experience learning a new language yourself is also invaluable experience when coaching someone in a language that they are not fully fluent in. In my case I have some education and some travelling experience in French and Spanish speaking locales in Canada, Europe and Latin America.)

When I hear Fernando really struggling over the pronunciation of a word; “anxiety” and feelings of “vulnerability” were two particularly difficult words for him to say in English, I ask him to say them in Spanish which gets things moving rapidly forward. He immediately starts to visibly relax and soon starts smiling. I sense that his saying words portraying emotions, in particular, in Spanish,  or in his Mayan dialect, is very helpful in assisting him to easier gain access to and clear memories from his difficult childhood. (His family was very poor, and he had polio and numerous painful surgeries as a child). It also removes the struggle to say the words perfectly from the equation, allowing him to relax and get the full benefits of EFT without worrying about his English skills.

It is so wonderful to get his feedback as to how much he feels he is growing  and learning.  He describes feeling relaxed  and clear, instead of struggling and feeling fearful, and is very appreciative and enthusiastic about how much EFT, and the Law of Attraction, are  helping him with his life. His outlook is much more positive than it has ever been. He has stopped drinking alcohol and has gone from living on the streets to  having a room to call his own,  and he is now fully employed in a bank. Our mutual intention is that he will someday become a teacher and practitioner of EFT and help to spread EFT around Guatemala! Now all I have to do is improve my Spanish so that I can assist him with that vision! In the meantime if there is anyone who would like to contribute to a fund to help buy him a three wheel motor bike so that he can get to and from work, please contact me at Many thanks.


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