Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting, (an advanced EFT technique), is a powerful and gentle modality that helps to reframe and release traumatic events from the past.

EFT is highly effective at reducing the intensity of emotions that you are feeling right now.  Those feelings about something that is current, or that happened in the past. After using EFT to reduce the intensity of your shame, guilt, grief, anger, etc., MR will help you to find and replace those previously persistent, disempowering beliefs learned from difficult events or people by going back in time to give support to your younger self.

Do any of the following feel familiar?

“I’m not good enough. Nothing I do will ever be good


 I have to be perfect. There is something wrong with me.

I am not safe. Everyone is out to get me.

I am unlovable. No one is there for me. ”


The science of Quantum Physics has established that we all generate energy fields.  MR addresses the memories of distressful or traumatic events, or people, from our past that are held in our energy fields, minds and bodies.

When we  experience a present day situation that consciously, or subconsciously, reminds us of those previous times, it can reactivate, (trigger) the old memories, bringing the thoughts, emotions and beliefs of the original incident flooding back.. This causes present day stress and all to often leads to physical and psychological illness, due to the meanings you have given to what happened, what you think and feel that it means about you, your safety and your value.

Matrix Re-imprinting is incredibly effective at relieving emotional distress and resulting physical issues!

By going back in time and supporting your younger self, MR helps to create new positive memories, reframing and replacing the stories we had been telling about what happened to us, or what we witnessed. In essence you can change your relationship to your past, affecting your emotional and physical health in positive ways.

Until you transform self dismissive thoughts about what happened to you and your beliefs about what it means about you, they will continue to negatively affect your feelings of self worth. While tapping on the emotions that were established at the age you experienced the stressful event, you recall the limiting perspectives your younger self took on as a result. Then, with Alice’s guidance, you will bring in resources you lacked when younger, replacing the old, self destructive, subconscious beliefs and actions with new and positive possibilities and more affirmative beliefs. This creates both physical and emotional healing and enables you to attract positive and exciting experiences into your present and future life.  

This is not about denying what happened. Quantum Physics states we have any number of possible pasts and futures. By tuning into scenarios that are more empowering and supportive, we replace the stress that we have held onto. Many people are not aware of their abusive self talk until it is brought it to their awareness and then tapped on, changing your focus to a new story that better fits where you want to be in all areas of your life.

After Matrix Re-imprinting sessions people report feeling immensely relieved and no longer find they retraumatize themselves with frequent recollections of the original incident(s). The limiting perspectives that were formed as a result of the situation disappear and new, more self empowering beliefs emerge.

MR is quite remarkable and has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. 


Matrix Re-imprinting can also help you MANIFEST your Goals and Dreams.


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