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How to Beat the Christmas Blues

Decembers in my family were a time when any Christmas spirit was overwhelmed with drama, trauma. I had no idea how to beat the Christmas Blues. My apprehension would start to build sometime in November. My Mother, who was diagnosed as Bipolar, was dysfunctional at best, had Narcissistic, Alcoholic and Suicidal tendencies, and was hospitalized … Read more

The Personal IS Political

Like many of us, I am deeply concerned about the way the world seems to be going.  Environmental Destruction, Systemic Childhood Abuse, Sexual Assault, Mass Shootings… are all on my mind. One of my greatest influencers is Dr. Gabor Mate. His contention that childhood wounds are at the root of addictions and abusive behaviours mirrors … Read more

Remembrance Day Reminders for EFT Tappers

My Dad, Sam, served with the Royal Canadian Artillery 4th Field Regiment in WW2. He enlisted as a Gunner and was discharged a Captain. The French awarded him the Croix de Guerre avec Etoile de Vermeille. His brother Alec, a pilot, was shot down over France. Dad never, ever picked up a gun again.   … Read more

EFT Tapping and Cancer

Over the years I have had numerous health issues with my Cervix and Endometrium. The first time I had a suspicious pap smear was the year after my grandmother died, of cancer. (It had been a stressful few years particularly prior to her death, and I had taken on a big chunk of her care, … Read more

Sven Robinson and Societal Mental Illness

Last night, I was privileged to be in the full house of people listening to Svend Robinson lecture on Restorative Justice and mental illness. (I volunteer at the Community Justice Centre here in the Comox Valley). During his inspirational, informative and courageous talk, I found myself reflecting on how much we individuate and stignify mental illness … Read more

Why Forgiveness?

The British poet, Alexander Pope wrote “To err is human: to forgive, divine”. I only came to understand the power of these words when I put them into practice. One of the most self healing things I ever did was to visit my estranged mother’s hospital bedside when she was in the process of dying. … Read more

Think Positively – Why tap on the negative? What About LOA?

Why do we tap on what we don’t want in our lives anymore? Won’t this just manifest more bad things and feelings in our lives? What about the Law of Attraction? How do we think positively? These questions are vitally important to understand. For years I struggled with the concepts of the law of attraction. … Read more

Cure Impotence and Herpes!

Cure Impotence Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) I have had the privilege of working with several men who have suffered from erectile dysfunction. The first was was relatively easy and uncomplicated as it involved someone who was in a new relationship, after being celibate for several years,  and concerned that he might pass on the … Read more

Working with Spanish Speakers

I have been EFT coaching an Indigenous Mayan man from Guatemala.  Fernando speaks Spanish fluently and is a self taught English speaker. We have been doing EFT sessions using Skype, adding to the linguistic, geographic and technological challenges we face. Sometimes we struggle to understand each other, partially because of my being less than fluent … Read more

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